In order to protect and rationally develop rare earth and tungsten mines, Ministry of Natural Resources of the People's Republic of China and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China announce that China will implement total mining control on rare earth ore (REO) and tungsten concentrates in 2020. The total mining control index for rare-earth minerals in China will be 140,000 tons in 2020. China's total tungsten-concentrate mining control index is 105,000 tons.

Rare earth is an important non-renewable strategic resource and a key element of various functional materials in the high-tech field. It is widely used in smart equipment, electric vehicles, defense industry, cutting-edge manufacturing, and other fields. With the continuous development of global manufacturing, the strategic position of rare-earth resources is expected to increase significantly.

W is a rare metal. The metal and its alloys are very versatile. They are one of the most important functional materials in modern industry, national defense, and high-tech applications. They are mainly used in aerospace, atomic energy, shipbuilding, automobile industry, electrical industry, and electronics. It is also used as a raw material for casting ingredients in many fields such as industry and chemical industry.

According to the announcement, in 2020, the tungsten carbide weight national total REO mining control index is 140,000 tons, of which the rock-type REO (mainly light rare earths) index is 120,850 tons, and the ionic REO (mainly medium and heavy rare earths) the index is 19,150 tons. The national tungsten concentrate (65% W trioxide content) total mining control index is 105,000 tons, of which the main mining index is 78,150 tons and the comprehensive utilization index is 26,850 tons.

The notice requires that the relevant provincial natural resources, industry and informatization authorities should strictly follow the regulations and do a good job of dismantling and issuing indicators. After decomposing and issuing the total mines mining control indicators, the provincial-level natural resources authority shall organize the municipal and county-level natural tungsten carbide burrs resources authority to sign a responsibility letter with the mining enterprise to clarify rights, obligations, and liabilities for breach of contract.

Local natural resource authorities at all levels should organize mining rights holders to earnestly implement the rare earths mines monthly report and tungsten mine quarterly report system, and carry out direct online reporting in a timely, accurate, and standardized manner. Local natural resources authorities at all levels and industry and informatization authorities should strengthen communication and coordination, cooperate closely, share information, and work together to supervise and manage the total amount of rare earth or tungsten ore mining control indicators.