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China tungsten price maintained stability in the week ended on Thursday June 25, 2020 because insiders still worried about the consumption of downstream under the impact of coronavirus. In the short term, they mainly take a watchful stance to avoid the market risks. 

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The tungsten concentrate market was in a stalemate. Manufacturers were reluctant to cut prices with the support of high costs, but the terminal side was weak and transactions were difficult to be concluded. In the APT market, smelting factories faced a deadlocked situation. The raw material side kept firm while the demand was weak. Therefore, factories remained low operating rate. As for the tungsten powder market, orders from downstream alloy and product market were at a relatively level. Factories were not willing to take goods with heavy wait-and-see atmosphere. Now insiders pay attention to the demand side and the recovery in the economy.

Prices of tungsten products on Jun. 29, 2020

Picture of tungsten trioxide 

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