Tungsten market : mainstream market continued to light , and the transaction price not much change due to mines and cargo operators reluctant to sell sentiment strong, ore, tungsten concentrate purchases more difficult, prompting two days of tungsten concentrates offer a slight uplift. Ferrotungsten market continued deserted, poor turnover , factory orders rarely , businesses and more caution , quotation and inquiry Water Well Drilling have not changed much . Tungsten scrap market continues to maintain a stable situation , where the height of the tungsten scrap material resources tight , the price is relatively strong, scrap tungsten steel business mentality calm, the price adjustment will is not strong , steady watching the majority. Expected short-term maintenance of stability of tungsten ore market or continue to run .

High Air Pressure Drill Bits Molybdenum market : Despite the current domestic market outlook, business confidence has dropped , some speculators and even low-cost shipping cash, but later the trend is not clear, the major manufacturers maintain the sidelines. Affected by low inventory levels , businesses and sell on the unwilling and Steel Merchants bidding to admission. Expected short-term or temporary stability molybdenum market , having to be lifted .
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