Choosing the right tool for your juicing needs is crucial to maximizing the healthy benefits of your fruits. Like any other task, making a juice requires the use of appropriate device and techniques. It is without a doubt that juices enhance the body?s overall performance and it is very essential for us to have an adequate supply of it.

There are different types of juicers that have different levels of performance and choosing which one is the best is very important. Of course you?d want a juicer that delivers all the natural juice goodness and flavor you demand. More so, it also would be wise to have a juicer that that can handle any fruit, vegetable, leafy green, herb, or grass that you could ever want to juice. Versatility is a very vital issue that has to be considered in choosing the right equipment. lists the three types of juicers as follows:

The Masticating machine operates at a slower speed. It chews the fibers and breaks up the cells of vegetables and fruits. This gives you more fiber, enzymes, vitamins and trace minerals. It also is more versatile because in addition to extracting juices, the unit homogenizes making baby foods, sauces, nut butters, banana ice creams and fruit sorbets. An optional grain mill attachment is available for grinding grains into flour.

The Centrifugal machine first grinds the fruit and vegetables then pushes them through the strainer by spinning at a very high rpm (similar to your washing machine on the spin cycle). This method usually yields a little dth hammer more volume of juice

The Triturating (twin gear) machine, which turns at a slower rpm, has a two step process. The first step crushes the fruits and vegetables, while the second step wrings or presses the juice. This process gives you more fiber, enzymes, vitamins and trace minerals. These juicers also have magnetic and bio-ceramic technology that slows down the oxidation process, which is good if you want to make and store your juice.

It should be taken into consideration though when choosing your juicer the oxidation levels being churned out by each machine. A good choice would be the one the produce the smallest amount of oxidation and those that make the highest nutrient juice.