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carbide plate,tungsten carbide china,Cemented Carbide are widely used for high-quality solid carbide tools such as milling cutters, end mills, drills or reamers. It can also be used.

China Tungsten Price Maintained Stability Due to Weak Demand

Analysis of latest tungsten market from Chinatungsten Online

China tungsten price maintained stability in the week ended on Thursday June 25, 2020 because insiders still worried about the consumption of downstream under the impact of coronavirus. In the short term, they mainly take a watchful stance to avoid the market risks. 

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The tungsten concentrate market was in a stalemate. Manufacturers were reluctant to cut prices with the support of high costs, but the terminal side was weak and transactions were difficult to be concluded. In the APT market, smelting factories faced a deadlocked situation. The raw material side kept firm while the demand was weak. Therefore, factories remained low operating rate. As for the tungsten powder market, orders from downstream alloy and product market were at a relatively level. Factories were not willing to take goods with heavy wait-and-see atmosphere. Now insiders pay attention to the demand side and the recovery in the economy.

Prices of tungsten products on Jun. 29, 2020

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According to the reports, a petrochemical company in China has used the tungsten trioxide contained of FN-2G denitration catalyst, up to now, the coal-fired boiler denitration device has been continually run stable for more than two years, with its nitrogen oxides (NOx) removal rate of more than 90%, and the ammonia escape concentration of less than 2 milligrams per cubic meter. It is reported that three of the 220 t / h coal-fired boilers in the company have used this coal-fired boiler flue gas denitrification technology, and the lowest solid tungsten carbide rods concentration of nitrogen oxides in the flue gas can achieve to 20mg/m3 after purification, which meets the national and local pollutant emission standards. According to statistics, after this project carried out, the nitrogen oxide emissions would be reduced by about 2867 tons, which effectively improves surrounding air quality of the company and plays a good social benefit.

 Since China has been increasingly strict on the environmental regulations and included the coal-fired boiler emission standards in the environmental binding targets, the handling environmental protection issue of coal-fired boiler flue gas has gotten a lot of attention. According to the status quo of the boiler flue gas properties in China, researchers have proposed a low NOx combustion air staging and selective catalytic reduction flue gas denitrification combined process technology solutions, and they also have developed a selective catalytic reduction of coal-fired boiler flue gas denitrification (SCR) technology, boilers selective catalytic reduction reactor flue gas, ammonia injection components and other key equipment and a series of advanced technology and equipment. In addition, the researchers have developed the FN-2G denitration catalyst, which takes nano titanium dioxide as the carrier, vanadium pentoxide, tungsten trioxide and other metal oxides as an active ingredients, through analyzing the composition of the pollutants in the coal-fired boiler flue gas. Nitrogen oxide is one of the major air pollutants, large amounts of NOx emit directly into the air will cause an acid rain, etc., and bring a large pressure to the environment, also do some tungsten carbide weight damages to the human body, and animals. Currently, the widespread use of mature technology is the SCR technology, in which tungsten trioxide denitration catalyst is suggested to be the core, and translate NOx into nitrogen and water under the presence of ammonia, thus to achieve NOx removing.

First Rare Earth Aluminum Alloy Cable Industrialization Demonstration Base Established

The first rare earth aluminum alloy cable industrialization demonstration base of China Society for the Promotion of Science and Technology Commercialization was established recently. The rare earth aluminum alloy cable is a “rare earth alloy formula” with independent intellectual property rights, which is incorporated into pure aluminum, synthesized by a special process to improve the electrical conductivity, bending performance, creep resistance and corrosion resistance of the cable, making it more stable with a longer life cycle.

According to reports, the current rare earth aluminum alloy cable is mainly used in power transmission and distribution of electric power and industrial and mining enterprises. At present, the Chinese cable market is only 3 to 5 percent in terms of aluminum alloy copper, while countries like Europe, America, and Japan have reached 50 to 75 percent. "China lacks copper resources and needs to import large amounts from abroad every year. The aluminum resources are rich and the price is cheap." Xiaobing Hui, chairman of the China Society for the Promotion of Science and Technology Commercialization said.

Rare earth aluminum alloy is a new type of basic material produced by adding rare earth elements to aluminum, which meets the natural resource endowment Zgcc Cemented Carbide characteristics of Chinese "poor in copper and rich in aluminum", could help save a lot of copper resources.

At present, rare earth aluminum alloy cables have been listed by the National Development and Reform Commission in the list of critical products and services for strategic emerging industries. Rare-earth aluminum alloy products are of great significance both in terms of the scarcity of national resources and in terms of the superiority of economic costs.

The first rare earth aluminum alloy cable industrialization demonstration base establishment is not only conducive to driving the ability of the cables in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, but also enhancing the core competitiveness of the technology industry. It also helps to optimize Carbide Rods Double Holes the technological industry environment and accelerate market application development. The completion of the first technology industrialization base also marks a solid step forward for Chinese science and technology industrialization.

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